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Gen Z insights: 8 Big Ideas to Supercharge Your Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is the backbone of any organization, dictating how we work, connect, and evolve. It's more than just unwritten rules—it's the essence that attracts and retains talent, driving innovation and success.

Designing a Neuro-Inclusive Workplace

When designing a neuro-inclusive workplace it is essential to consider choice, flexibility, and autonomy to attract and retain top talent that may otherwise go elsewhere. 

5 Office Design Trends You’ll See in 2024

The office environment has experienced drastic changes over the past decade. As companies adapt to the future of work, many are rethinking their office design to cultivate more flexible, efficient, and employee-friendly spaces. 

Balancing work and well-being: office design trends for 2024

Office design is always evolving, shaped by changes in how we work, technological progress, and what employees expect from their workplace. as we step into 2024, we're entering a year that promises to redefine how we work.

Top 10 Office Design Trends for 2023

During pandemic lockdowns, work culture hit the fast-forward button on what was previously a gradual wind up toward remote work.

5 Modern Office Design Trends That Will Keep Employees Happy

A list of 5 winning office design trends that will boost efficiency while keeping employees content at work. 

Introducing the Office Design Trends of 2019 and Beyond

Office design has never played a more integral role in the success of a business as it does today. With each passing year, new technologies are implemented and new trends are adopted in office spaces around the world. 

Workplace Design Trends for 2018

In our post about 2017 office design trends, we said that nature in the workplace would be one of the major trends to watch, and we expect it to remain very popular in 2018 as well. Biophilic design is a philosophy based around the principle that humans have an innate need to feel connected to nature for their own wellbeing...

5 Office Design Trends for 2018

While some may feel that office design is going a little too over the top with unnecessary bells and whistles, the fact is we exist during a time of remarkable technological and manufacturing advancements for office furniture and accessories. These innovations help us rethink and disrupt traditional concepts around work and replace our images of what the office should look like...

Office Design & Decoration Trends for 2018

Businesses worldwide are marching into the future, reinventing the commonly held perceptions of office space. The conventional workspace is being phased out in favour of connected spaces that encourage innovation and collaboration while still championing personal identity.

Exploring the Hottest Office Design Trends of 2018

The evolving landscape of the workplace requires innovative thinking. Staying ahead of the curve is just as important in attracting top talent as it is keeping your existing workforce...

12 minimalist office interiors where there's plenty of space to think

If the old adage "tidy desk, tidy mind" holds true, then the workers at these 12 minimalist offices are at their mental peak. From an advertising agency in Buenos Aires to a TV studio in Bangkok and the headquarters of Aesop in London, take a tour of some of the best calm and pared-back workspaces around the globe.

Top 4 Trends in Office Design for 2017

With advancements in technology, new annual goals and employee turnover, it’s safe to say the workplace is ever-changing. But even with all the changes that happen, one thing remains the same—you need an office that’s useful and enjoyable to employees.

The Nomadic Fringe

Mobile computing technologies have enabled knowledge workers to work anywhere at anytime. And millions of us are doing it. But it isn’t always easy. Nomadic workers often put up with discomfort and inconvenience. That’s why Coalesse decided to study mobile workers and better understand the issues they experience every day.

How the spirit of a space inspires work

There’s no escaping it. The work we do, wherever we are, is always influenced by what’s going on around us, both in our immediate workplace context—team, tools, tasks, goals, workspaces—and in our broader geographic and cultural setting. 

How to Millennial-Proof Your Office

Creating an ideal work environment for the long term means looking beyond just the Millennial generation. Here's why.

Inspiring Spaces from Steelcase

Workplaces designed to support the emotional, cognitive and physical needs of people.

Interior Color Trends 2017

Geared toward residential design, but still some fun combinations.

Top Ten Coolest Office Spaces

Dull and drab cubicles are now a thing of the past. As we spend major hours of our day in the office, some companies decided to value the time devoted by their employees with spectacular architecture and fun interiors.

Office Design Trends for 2017

If you are looking to renovate your office space with a positive and energetic ambiance the coming year, here's a compiled a list of 9 office trends that you should definitely look out for in 2017.

Coalesse Furniture: Best Office Designs of 2016

Thousands of amazing new workplaces are designed around the world every year, and 2016 was no exception. As we look back at some of the wonderful spaces created over the past year...

Top 5 Acoustic Design Projects from Kirei

5 of Kirei's favorite acoustic design projects from 2016.

Workplace Design: Four Facility Trends (for 2017)

It is said that a good manager provides the tools that help those around them do the work they need to do effectively and efficiently. Increasingly, this tenet applies to the role of facility management leaders...

Open Offices Are Losing Some of Their Openness

Companies look for ways to add privacy and quiet areas without reverting to the traditional office design...

Color Search

Color Search 3.0,  is the new Search by Room tool which lets you pick a palette and specify a room to find color inspiration from Apartment Therapy House Tours. 

Office Design Trends for 2017

In today’s busy environment with ever changing technology, a well designed workplace should change effortlessly according to the task at hand. Developing areas that can be easily adapted to suit changing requirements is an essential element of design in 2017. 

Psychology of Color in the Workplace

Everyone is different, so its stands to reason the psychological effect of colours on people would vary, depending on their life experiences and culture. However, research shows that colours can actually have the same general affect on the majority of people.

Participate: The Culture of Customization

Design. It’s a master plan, a minute pattern. The creation of an object or system. It’s an idea that embodies the most human of instincts to make the world work better: our best tool. But design is also a phenomenon of the senses — of taste, texture, optics, acoustics, scent, shape and fit — that lets the world become more habitable and personalized...

22 Gorgeous Startup Offices You Wish You Worked In

It is totally acceptable to judge a company by its insanely beautiful office.

Forget Treadmill Desks: This Device Lets You Surf In Place At Your Standing Desk

And you thought standing was good for you!

“Home Base” — A Needed Office Space Alternative for Austin

For more than 6 years, the White Lion Team has enjoyed traditional office space downtown at 511 W 7th street. On that note, I had been a fan of Marrisa Mayer’s decision to pull all of Yahoo’s remote workers in the office agreeing to a shot at higher rates of innovation and quality collaboration when team members meet in-person. However, my traditional office space thinking has been rapidly evolving with some of the issues my team has faced...

BKM Headquarters and Showroom – San Diego

“Place Matters” is at the core of this furniture dealership’s culture. They have been shaping environments throughout San Diego since 1989 to help customers connect their workplaces to business objectives and goals.

Abandoned station and hotel converted into Lightspeed headquarters

ACDF Architecture has repurposed a space inside an abandoned train station and hotel in Montreal to create the new headquarters for software company Lightspeed.


Workplace design trends often evolve gradually, representing a continuous development. The aim is to improve the work environment to create a place where employees are enabled to work more productively and collaborate with ease. However, 2016 could be the year that we begin to see a revolution rather than an evolution. Here's why...

Workplace design trends: Make way for the Millennials

Driven by changing work styles, mobile technology, and the growing presence of Millennials, today’s workplaces are changing, mostly for the better. We examine the top office design trends. 

An Office that moves People

Flexibility is also key to winning the war for talent. According to a recent survey, 7 out of 10 HR leaders use workplace flexibility programs as a recruiting and retention tool. The workplace itself must support this new approach to work.

Designing for the way we work now

When The Frontier Project moved into it's new studio last fall, they saw it as an opportunity to create a place that not only reflected their brand and ethos but also amplified the output and performance of their employees.

8 Top Office Design Trends For 2016

Experts say it's time to move in these design directions to keep workers engaged and get the most out of your office space.

Intel Designs Next Generation Workplace for Recruitment and Retention

Promoting Collaboration, Teamwork, and Problem-Solving in a Cube Landscape.

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