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Esprit Design was founded in 1997 by Teri Barnett RID NCIDQ with a focus on commercial interiors.  Her work experience, which spans over 40 years, has taken her from architecture to engineering to commercial planning/design and facilities management. This breadth of knowledge and experience gives her a unique ability to understand the interconnectedness of all systems within a space and how to bring them together in creative and effective ways.

Along the way, she's learned that if a space isn't functional for people and personal/corporate goals, it doesn't matter how amazing it looks.  So, while she loves to create beautiful environments for her clients, her initial emphasis is always on making certain your office and its workflow supports the various needs of your organization, including adaptability and inclusion for all staff members, seamlessly incorporates technologies, and makes sense for your business and its objectives.

Good design creates your company image, attracts clients and staff, and enhances worklife.

At Esprit Design, we see space as a giant puzzle and when all the pieces fit together correctly, you end up with a great place to work.

Teri Barnett (RID 00594 ~ NCIDQ 9384)
is an award winning commercial interior designer who brings a lifetime of exploration and creative solutions to your space.  She is nationally certified through CIDQ and a Licensed Interior Designer in the State of Indiana.

Outside of design, Teri is also a bestselling author and award winning artist. Visit for more information.
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